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Friday, July 22, 2011

Can you pass the dog "drivers permit" test?

clients at Westbury Vet Clinic
Pet rescuers usually feel that people should pass a test before getting a dog:) How well would you do? Some of the answers seem SO obvious but I have seen every one of them in my years of rescue! You might be surprised.

1-Heartworms are caused by:

Mosquitos is what many of us know, but heartworm ignorance is very high in Houston. I was recently told that they are caused by spoiled canned meat.

2-Soft sided totes are great for puppies and easier to carry than plastic crates..
   c-well, 1/2 of that is true

Many soft totes  have been destroyed by sharp puppy teeth, from both the inside and outside, when one is  put on the floor, ie. left within chewing range. They particularly like the zippers!

3-It doesn't matter how you travel with a dog in your vehicle, as long as they are contained.

It does matter-none of us leave home expecting to get into a car wreck, but if you are side swiped or rear ended, the impact of a wire crate will crush a dog. It has a slightly better chance of surviving if a plastic crate breaks apart. A loose dog becomes a rapidly moving projectile as well. I hope this never happens to you, but it could.

4-It's fine to get a puppy before your elderly dog passes away so you are no tleft without a buddy.
   a-yes, they will probably get along just fine
   b-no-it is way too much stress on the older dog and they feel pushed aside
   c-rarely and only if done very carefully can this be done

Bubbles still looking for a permanent home
 I am of the B category,  think it is very selfish to foist a rowdy puppy on most older animals. A middle aged dog is a much better "bridge" dog. A few people are dedicated enough to keep a puppy from harrassing a senior dog.

5- Females make better pets
    a-yes, they don't "hike"
    b-no, males are actually calmer
    c-no right answer-everyone has their preferences

Many people assume that females are better just because of the hiking issue. Males are more often euthanized due to this misconception. Many males do not and some females do or show other dominant
behaviors. Once neutered, males are often calmer. Please don't automatically reject the idea of a male based on that generalization.

6-Females need to have a heat cycle before spaying and motor oil can be used on mange are both so ludicrous that they don't even warrant a separate True/False section, but they are both still believed. You don't have to admit it if you assumed either is true:) Neither is.

Do you know of other often believed (non) "truths"? Please share them in the comments and share this blog with folks who may believe some of these misconceptions.  It's a diplomatic way to educate:)

(As always ,please advise me if you no longer wish to receive the blog from Pet Stuff Resale. I do not want to intrude. Please share with people who might be interested.)

Durango begins painful heartworm treatment with Dr Burda at Jester Plaza Vet Clinic

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manthy said...

Thanks for the info, I have a pomerainian. You dogs are so cute