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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Since this was supposed to be my business blog-cont'd

Now I'm creeping down the edge of the road at about 12 miles an hour and kennel and kitty fly off again.....This time no one stops to help and did I mention it's getting much colder? This time the crate door pops open but I get it closed before the cat realizes it. By a miracle, he is not injured either time...
Then it's time for me to take a wrong turn and get miserably lost. Turning around was a challenge in itself! Then a long way home, right past the last liquor store on a Saturday night
when I could have used a small bourbon toddy!
The only warm place I had for kitty is on my dog room, so he is not amused! I can't even get near him, have a blankie over his crate and he will chill for a while. He has a blankie, food and litter box and I'm leaving him alone!
Incredibly, the kennel had only one small skid mark, no damage at all.
Whoever buys it is going to have to listen to this story!
This adventure took about 3 hours longer than planned...and was all part of being a small business owner.

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