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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal recycling for a cause part of Pet Stuff Resale's service

When I started Pet Stuff Resale way back in 1997, my goals were to save people money as well as keeping things out of landfills. Now that I live in Waller County I can burn unusable items during burn times; still a better alternative to LOTS of plastic in landfills. I go to the extent of burning plastic crates and pulling out the metal vents left over and adding them to my metal recycling pile.

metal vents
 Sept. 10, 2010, the front page of the Houston Chronicle had an article about Sidney Johnson, who runs a metal recycling business in nearby Waller. He had witnessed corruption in the city government and his honesty sent one or 2 people to jail. As a result, according to the story, he has been shunned, lost recycling contracts and his business has suffered tremendously.
Mr Johnson and his assistant, Mr Taylor
I switched from a place where I got a few dollars for my metal stuff to giving him the recyclables. Mr Johnson is a very nice man; proud of his son Terrell at the University of Texas and his daughter LaToya at Prairie View A and M. I think that is a great cause to support, so any crate pieces or other metal that I cannot use goes to Mr Johnson.

I am so appreciative of my customers and wanted you to know how Pet Stuff Resale extends your economic cycle!
The chihuahua underneath the tailgate won't get near me or he would be neutered.....

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