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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two containment items for well behaved dogs:)

This is called a Pet Home by Pet Mate. I like that it is canvas and has windows, but it does not have a solid floor, so only for small critters. My vote would be up to about 10 lbs. If you hold by the bottom, a decent travel option. I like the curved vs squared interior for scared babies; easier to retrieve them!  9.00
Ooops, can't find the rotate button. This is also intended for low stress pets, as it has some great chewing possibilities! This is good for camping or storefront adoptions with calm babies as it is lightweight and folds up nicely. This one is in excellent condition. Pet Stuff Resale also has a red and blue one. By Sport Pet this is 18"x32" and is 14.00

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