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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dogs, dog stuff and cat stuff at Pet Stuff Resale

This 52" tall cat tower has seen next to no use because the newly adopted cat wanted NO part of it. This is your gain, it is in excellent condition. At medium weight, it is 55.00  SOLD

Elfin is hoping to have his knee surgery soon; he is asking for "likes" on Facebook as well as  tax deductible donations. His page is Elfins knees. At 6 months he is up to a whopping 3.4 lbs. He is also available for appearances at your office or dog friendly restaurants if anyone wants to sponsor a small fundraiser. (He really likes Lemongrass in Bellaire) He will be up for adoption-I am not keeping him.

My goodies "scout" Nancy found these yesterday and knew they would make terrific elevated dog rests. 21"x25",16" off the floor, they would be good for small to medium dogs that just "have" to be up on something. These used to be ottomans are made of corderoy so not recommended in a cat house hold unless you want an inexpensive cat post.
15.00 each or both for 25.00  SOLD

Elevated dog food/waterer
Metal inner bowl not included but recommended that they be used inside as plastic absorbs bacteria (stuff pet stores don't tell ya)

This is a stand for a large flat back hex aquarium, but with a nice piece of _________, could make a nice plant stand or a neat way to display collectibles(marine stuff?)
This is a the CAP thrift store and was not yet priced when I left. 281-497-7559 is their number.

Torch is a VERY lucky girl whose time was drawing very short at Montgomery Cty animal shelter.
Kate from Country Hearts was there to get another dog and happened to see this precious 8 month old. She somehow got into Kates car:)  In the picture
she was still groggy from getting spayed. She is looking for her perfect home and is on their Facebook page.

This smal/medium Travel Aire crate is only 8.00 due not having a handle.
This sleek looking cat bed would be great for small dogs as well. 12.00
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