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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stuff for dogs small and large

My bud Nancy(who adopted a greyhound from me in 1988) found more fun stuff for you in her shopping for her stuff(books)!

This 24 inch long crate folds up and has 2 doors.  30.00 sold

Sturdy iron lounging sofa,perfect for a small Prince(with minor color changes) or Princess!
11x17", it also features a covered foam pad.  17.00  SOLD

Mineral ice is the color listed on Bergan's website and 28.00 and up(on Amazon I think), 18.00 at Pet Stuff Resale. This is very small dogs, 6 lbs and under.

21 quart pet food container. I recommend leaving food in original bag and placing whole bag in container as the plastic liner absorbs fewer germies. 9.00 SOLD

Large round dog bed, small hole in one side, has inner liner. 10.00

New small dog bed  8.00 SOLD

Lighweight hidey or nap cabana, ok, so it was meant for cats originally, your dog won't care:)
Has 2 open spaces in back. 11.00

Large dog food or water bowl-not weighted 3.00
This is Elfin waiting to be read the menu at Lemongrass in Bellaire(GREAT food, dogs allowed outside on small patio) Please "like" Elfin on Facebook at "Elfin the chihuahua puppy needs new knees". He is 3.4 lbs now and still has room in his soft carrier similiar to the one featured above.

Please share this money saving blog with your peeps or let me know if you no longer want to receive it as I do not wish to offend. The best way to reach me to purchase any item is my cell 817-480-8400 or on FaceBook at Pet Stuff Resale.
Thank you
Janet Huey

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Unknown said...

I know that this is a very old post, but do you by any chance still have the little blue cat hideout for sale?